750 words

Oh geez , here we go , I’m on 750 words.com and I don’t know what to show.

I enrolled in an online course, learning about email copywriting & it brought me to this site. It’s tough , constant battle in my head between left & right. I’ve been teaching English for a little over a decade , I must confess my interest started to fade. Copywriting piqued my interest, I thought I knew the gist, but there was a twist. It’s not that easy , some people write copy but it reads way too cheesy.

My other hidden talent is my voice , apparently people like it , so, I decided to start my second venture. “What could it be ?” You ask . Well , here’s the clincher , Voice-over artist is my other new adventure. I’m a freelance copywriter and Voice-over artist, I also narrate audio books . You know what they say about cooks in the kitchen ? I’m no spring chicken & I have a side of ADD , I started building a website, wanna see? I named it ‘I record audio ‘ because that’s what I do. Big or small, I’ll record them all. I started a podcast with the same name. “I don’t want to be lame or the same as everyone else.” I thought to myself . The more languages I know, the more I can write and the more I can record, I’ll never get bored.

I’m learning German, French & Chinese . I’m fired up , I can’t stop. I’m learning to do copywriting to also assist me with my recording business. If I can write good copy , I can advertise for myself, watch me how I grow my wealth. It’s not that easy though, it’s got to me & slowly I started to lose my glow. ADD is a good thing, what else do I have to bring? My grandfather passed a special gene to me. With a book on my knee I started to read. I stick to 10 pages a day , all work & no play makes me a happy boy. I found joy in those pages. 10 pages a day, 10 pages of 9 different books, in the nooks and crannies of wisdom filled pages . I’ve gone through so many stages I’m learning about David Goggins, he has a strong noggin , a real tough bastard, Tony Robbins has my mind plastered with ideas about Money , perhaps one day , I too will fall into the honey. Grant Cardone is teaching the 10x principles, no one has a reason to be miserable. Ah and ‘who moved my cheese?’ This one reads with the greatest of ease. Robert W Bly helped to pry open my mind into the magical world of copywriting. Last but not least is Rhonda Byrne , she’s telling me about ‘ the greatest secret.’

I’m 34, I’ve never been in a war, just at war with myself, everyday. I’m scared to have fun, scared to play. I feel if I skip a day I’d miss a week , then my future will seem bleak. I’m not one to fuss, this new adventure has really taught me how to cuss. It’s so frustrating and yet invigorating at the same time , it’s simply sublime, THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE!!!!!!! People drink wine and I wine & bitch and groan. I have started to shift that negative mindset , let’s not forget that people thought that I will fail, I won’t give them the satisfaction, I’m taking action & I will prevail. Set sail on the ocean of life , the world is my oyster, I’ll make this work. Oh wow I’m almost at 750 words now , I bit down & I poured my emotions into this post, I didn’t know , now it’s more than a note, I didn’t even choke. I wrote this this with ease , all I ask is “please read my story” .

I came from tough times , now I can hear trumpets and chimes, it’s hard making words rhyme. I never intended this post to sound like this. I’m not a rapper , this is just something that you can read while you’re sitting on the crapper. My name starts with a ‘G’ and it ends with an ‘n’ . Mention my story to your friends , I like to write but I don’t think that I’ll become a trend. My surname is not Cosby, my name is not Bill, but, I did make these words bend to my will.

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